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Water Resource Management

Our comprehensive solutions cover surface water, groundwater, potable water, and boiler/cooling water, along with wastewater management.

Specialty Chemicals

Focused on providing solutions for cleaning/etching agents, CMP process chemicals, and electroplating solutions.

Food Hygiene Management

Addressing microbiology, fungal toxins, allergens, veterinary drugs, and environmental microbiology for food safety.

Industrial Safety Management

Offering gas quality monitoring, equipment gas leakage detection, and process environment safety.

Mechatronics Integration

Providing services in sensor IoT integration, signal interfacing, data aggregation, and automation procedures.

Environmental Sustainability Education

Actively involved in river conservation, agricultural water management, agri-food education, and scientific education initiatives.

Empowering Industries with Innovative Environmental Solutions

Nizawa prides itself on being a leading provider of innovative environmental instruments across various industries. Our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions is matched only by our dedication to exceptional customer service.

Nizawa has partnered with numerous clients and brands, championing intelligent sustainability to drive transformation and innovation.
  • Potable Water Quality Monitoring for Water Treatment Plants: Long-standing partnership ensuring regulatory compliance for drinking water, leveraging precision testing equipment and reagents.
  • Semiconductor Wastewater Heavy Metal Recovery Monitoring: Overseeing the recovery of copper and cobalt ion wastewaters, collaborating with industry leaders like TSMC, UMC, Intel, and Formosa Plastics Group, aligning with ESG sustainability indicators.
  • Environmental Hygiene Management at COSTCO Greater China: Partnering in programs verifying the cleanliness of food production environments within stores and managing associated procedures.
  • Process Water Quality Monitoring in Panel Manufacturing Facilities: Collaborative efforts focusing on maintaining the quality of process-grade pure and ultrapure water, including rigorous microbiological supervision.
  • Virus Prevention and Control in Healthcare and Regulatory Bodies: Initiatives ensuring microbial sterilization in hospital environments and guaranteeing surgical instrument sterilization efficacy.
  • Specialty Chemical Monitoring in Major Manufacturing Plants: Real-time, precise oversight of high-concentration specialty chemicals like TMAH, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, optimizing process efficiency.
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